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Exploring Parque Warner Madrid: Everything You Need to Know

Experience the thrills of riding roller coasters and other attractions inspired by Hollywood hits at Parque Warner Madrid, a movie studio theme park. Animated characters, a Wild West section, water rides, roller coasters, and your favorite DC Comi...

Parque Warner MadridParque Warner Madrid

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In 2002, Parque Warner debuted "Superman: La Atracción de Acero," the first floorless rollercoaster in Europe. This thrilling ride takes guests on a high-speed journey through the skies, offering unparalleled views of the park.

Since 2006, Parque Warner has consistently held the title of the Safest Theme Park in Spain. This commitment to safety ensures a worry-free experience for all visitors.

The park is dedicated to sustainable practices and has been awarded the "S" Certificate for Sustainable Tourism. This recognition highlights the park's efforts to minimize its environmental impact and create a sustainable future.

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What is Parque Warner Madrid?

Parque Warner Madrid is an exciting theme park in San Martín de la Vega near Madrid, Spain. Spread over 30,000 square meters, it offers thrilling rides, live shows, kids' attractions, restaurants, and more, based on popular Warner Bros characters. Additionally, this theme park provides entertainment for all ages with six different themed zones.

Quick Facts about Parque Warner Madrid

Parque Warner Madrid
  • Location: A-4, salida 22, 28330 San Martín de la Vega, Madrid, Spain
  • Opening year: 2002
  • Total area: 30,000 square meters
  • Number of rides: 34
  • Number of Visitors: 1.8 Million to 2.3 Million
  • Zones: Hollywood Boulevard, Superheroes World, Movie World Studios, Old West Territory, and more
  • Owned by: Parques Reunidos

Plan Your Visit to Parque Warner Madrid

Parque Warner Madrid
Parque Warner Madrid

Highlights of Parque Warner Madrid

Parque Warner Madrid

Experience Thrilling Roller Coasters

Get your adrenaline pumping on Parque Warner Madrid's thrilling roller coasters like Superman: La Atracción de Acero, which accelerates you from 0 to 100 km/h in just 5 seconds, or face your fears on the 75-meter vertical free-fall drop of Stunt Fall. You will surely find your perfect rollercoaster with rides catering to all thrill levels.

Parque Warner Madrid

See Exciting Live Shows

Catch various entertaining shows at Parque Warner Madrid, like the action-packed Police Academy, filled with hilarious stunts. Sing and dance with your favorite Looney Tunes characters as they perform crowd-pleasing songs during the La Madriguera de Bugs Bunny live show. With performances throughout the day, you can always find a show to suit your mood.

Parque Warner Madrid

Meet Your Favorite Characters

Get up close and personal with Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Taz, Sylvester, Tweety Bird and other beloved Looney Tunes characters for photos and interactions at Movie World Studios. You can also bump fists with Superman, Wonder Woman and other DC Comics superheroes. Kids and adults alike will love meeting their most cherished characters in person.

Parque Warner Madrid

Family Fun at Looney Tunes Village

Step into the world of classic cartoons at Cartoon Village. Ride along with Bugs Bunny, hang with Scooby and the gang, help the Flintstones get their licenses, catch a show at El Teatro, and pose with your favorite characters. Refuel at themed eateries like Cartoon Cafe. With rides for all ages, Cartoon Village brings cartoon wackiness to life for family bonding.

Parque Warner Madrid

Experience Themed Zones

Step into surreal worlds as you stroll down the retro Hollywood Boulevard lined with Art Deco buildings and sidewalks filled with movie star handprints. Experience the Wild West as you walk through a cowboy frontier town in the Old West Territory. Each elaborately themed zone uses sights, sounds, architecture and environmental storytelling to immerse you.

Parque Warner Madrid

Indulge in Snacks

Indulging in snacks at Parque Warner is a delightful experience. From popcorn to churros, the park offers a variety of treats to satisfy cravings. These tasty bites add an extra touch of enjoyment to your thrilling adventure. Additionally, you can savor ice cream, cotton candy, and a range of refreshing beverages, ensuring that your taste buds are tantalized throughout your visit to Parque Warner Madrid.

History of Parque Warner Madrid in a Nutshell

Parque Warner Madrid opened its doors to the public in April 2002 after 2 years of construction. Larry Wyatt directed the team that designed the 200-acre Parque Warner Madrid theme park in Madrid, Spain. It is owned by Parques Reunidos (95%) and Warner Bros. (5%).

Wyatt and his team of planners, designers, architects and engineers maximized the film studio brand experience, guest distribution, and ease of operation for over 25 attractions throughout the park.

Originally opened in 2002 as Warner Bros. Movie World Madrid under Six Flags management with a 5% ownership by Time Warner, the park terminated its arrangement with Six Flags in November 2004. Time Warner and numerous Spanish investment groups now manage the park, which they renamed Parque Warner Madrid in 2006.

Over the years, new rides and attractions have been added, including Batman: Arkham Asylum, Green Lantern: Lucha contra el Mal, and Road Runner Desert Rocks. Special events and celebrations also take place year-round. Parque Warner Madrid continues to be one of Spain's most visited theme parks.

Who Built Parque Warner Madrid?

Led by Larry Wyatt, Senior Vice President of International Recreation for Warner Bros. Entertainment, an experienced team came together to create Parque Warner Madrid. This group of planners, designers, architects, and engineers set out to build an extraordinary 200-acre theme park that would fully capture the magic of Warner Bros. movies.

Architecture & Design of Parque Warner Madrid

Parque Warner Madrid combines various architectural styles to create its unique look. The park entrance exemplifies this blend, with its grand, neoclassical design drawing inspiration from ancient Greek and Roman architecture. 

Moving throughout the park, contemporary and modern designs intermix with classically-inspired structures. This fusion gives Parque Warner Madrid a distinct and eclectic aesthetic while feeling cohesive. 

The diversity of architectural styles reflects the many different worlds and eras featured across Warner Bros. films and cartoons. By merging futuristic buildings with old Hollywood charm, the park's design perfectly captures the magic and creativity of the studio it represents.

Frequently Asked Questions About Parque Warner Madrid

What is Parque Warner Madrid?

Parque Warner Madrid is an exciting 30,000-square-meter theme park in San Martín de la Vega near Madrid, Spain. It features thrilling rides, live shows, kids' attractions, restaurants, and more based on Warner Bros characters.

Why is Parque Warner Madrid famous?

Parque Warner Madrid is famous for bringing the magic of Warner Bros movies and characters to life through its themed zones and attractions. It offers immersive experiences for all ages to enjoy.

What can I do at Parque Warner Madrid?

At Parque Warner Madrid, you can enjoy thrilling rides like Superman: La Atracción de Acero, live shows like Police Academy, meet Looney Tunes characters and explore themed zones like Hollywood Boulevard, Superheroes World, and Old West Territory.

How can I get tickets to Parque Warner Madrid?

You can purchase Parque Warner Madrid tickets at the gate or online in advance. Buying online is highly recommended to skip queues and ensure availability.

How much are Parque Warner Madrid tickets?

Ticket prices vary based on date, season, and package. Basic admission for adults starts at €29.90. Discounted tickets are available for children, seniors, and disabled visitors.

Are there guided tours available at Parque Warner Madrid?

No, Parque Warner Madrid does not offer guided tours. It's up to you how much time you want to spend exploring the park.

Who designed Parque Warner Madrid?

Parque Warner Madrid was designed by a team led by Larry Wyatt, former Senior VP of International Recreation for Warner Bros. Entertainment.

When was Parque Warner Madrid built?

Parque Warner Madrid opened in April 2002 after 2 years of construction. It has continued expanding with new rides and zones over the years.

Where is Parque Warner Madrid located?

Parque Warner Madrid is located at A-4, salida 22, 28330 San Martín de la Vega, Madrid, Spain.

How can I get to Parque Warner Madrid?

Parque Warner Madrid is conveniently located off a major highway. You can drive or take public transport, you can take train number  C-3 from La Veloz or bus 413.

What are the Parque Warner Madrid timings?

Parque Warner Madrid has variable opening hours depending on the day and season. It usually opens at 12 PM and closes at 10 PM. If you plan to visit, make sure you check the opening hours.

What is the best time to visit Parque Warner Madrid?

The best times to visit are weekdays, mornings, and late afternoons, especially in the off-season months of January and February. Avoid peak summer months and weekends when crowds are highest.

What is there to see and do at Parque Warner Madrid?

Top highlights include rides like Batman: Arkham Asylum, shows like Police Academy, Looney Tunes meet and greets and themed areas.

Is Parque Warner Madrid wheelchair accessible?

Parque Warner Madrid is wheelchair friendly. Manual wheelchairs are available to rent near the entrance. However, wheelchairs are not permitted on rides due to safety restrictions. Some attractions may have limited accessibility.

Are there dining options at Parque Warner Madrid?

Parque Warner Madrid has multiple dining options, including 13 kiosks and coffee shops, 5 express restaurants, 2 a la carte restaurants, 2 buffet restaurants, and 2 self-service restaurants.

Is photography allowed at Parque Warner Madrid?

Yes, photography is allowed for personal use. Tripods and professional equipment require permission.

Is there a dress code for Parque Warner Madrid?

Parque Warner Madrid has no formal dress code, but as a tip, opt for cool, casual clothing you can move around in easily, like t-shirts, shorts, and sneakers. Avoid loose or dangling items that could get caught on rides. Dress in layers for fluctuating weather.

What other attractions are near Parque Warner Madrid?

Nearby attractions include Parque Warner Beach Water Park, Faunia, Villaviciosa de Odón, and Ruta de los Molinos.